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    Dec 10, 2011
    Howdy folks this my first post on this forum. I'm from a part of Eastern Ontario that has seen an explosion in the coyote population. Though there are plenty of oportunities for long shots most will be under 250 yards. I have owned a synthetic savage 110 in 308 for years and had dragged it around the woods with open sights on rainy days. I didn't think much about the potential for accuracy until a friend glass bedded the rifle and loaned me a Leupold 6-20x 40mm scope and with good hand loads it was a shooter. It shoots 1/2 moa ten shot groups! What a surprise! Mylongest shot on a coyote so far was measured at 655 yards.

    This got me to think what a Savage equiped with accustock/trigger might be able to do. I purchased a Predator Hunter Max 1 in 223. It shoots just over 0.3" with Hornady's zombie amo! With 1:9 twist it should be happy with Berger 70 gr vLD bullets. I'm hoping to see if this out of the box rig can hit targets beyond 800 yrds. Any guidance in this project would be much appreciated.

    Cheers fot now.
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    Welcome to LongRangeHunting. Sounds like the coyotes are in big trouble. :)