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    Jul 3, 2005
    Hy Guys I need a Little Help

    I have just Bought two Motorola Talkabout Raido T 7100 .

    One of them work great the other one is missing one Part .

    I have Talked to Motorola I can send it in but they will send me another Model than what I have . I bought my Raido New . But Motorola has Stoped makeing this model .
    an They will knot sale me any Parts . so I am Looking for some one that has an Motorola Talkabout Raido T 7100 or One that has Rechargeable Batterys . I need the Contact inside the raido that the battery makes Contact with .

    Again If you have one laying around Broke our you are knot using that I could use for Parts Let me Know .

    As long as it is an Motorola Talkabout Raido the part should be the same as mine.


    P S

    I have showed the Raido to the Nearest Motorloa Repair Shop .
    They Told me To Put them In File 13 .
    Because Motorloa will Knot sale any Parts For the Motorola Talkabout Raido