Mostly Unfired Brass FS: .22-250, .270win, 7mmrem, .30-06, .338win

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    May 7, 2003
    Please Note: If you have a question, want to make an offer or propose a trade, Want To Buy; Send Me An Email...
    Can accept paypal (+3.25%) or postal moneyorder Paypal gets your gear on its way to you ASAP.
    Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail w/delivery confirmation. Add extra for insurance.
    All Unfired Brass Is Virgin
    Some 1x Brass was deprimed on Lee or Lyamn universal depriming die so brass is not sized.
    All 1x Brass is walnut media tumbled and looks like new.
    All prices include shipping w/delivery confirmation; Ins is your option.

    .22-250 rem
    -Remington Brass, have four 100ct sealed pkgs $45 ea Shipped or all for $165 shipped

    .270 win
    -Winchester virgin brass, 68pcs, $37
    2 perfect condition 20rd factory component boxes
    -Remington virgin brass, 29pcs $15 (shipped first class mail)
    -81pcs 1x Rem-UMC brass $35 w/1 collectors Kleenbore box
    -112pcs 1x W-W Super brass $32
    Buy em all (97 unfired, 193 1x) for $85 shipped.

    7mm Rem Mag
    -48pcs R-P virgin brass $38
    -81pcs Win virgin brass $ 52
    Buy all 129 for $75 shipped

    -Remington 1x brass 100pcs $35
    -W-W 1x brass 40pcs $15 (first class mail)
    Buy all for $48

    .338 Win Mag
    -100 pcs R-P virgin brass in sealed bag $65
    -51pcs R-P unfired brass 10 primed $37
    -11pcs Win 1x $12 shipped
    Buy all for $100 shipped