most accurate 7mm mag ammo

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    Jan 7, 2008
    I am looking for the most accurate 7mm ammo for a 1970 model 70 in 7mm mag.I have tried 150 grain nosler ballistics hand loaded with hp111 I think.Someone else loads them for me I have decent results.I have shot 139 grain hornady sst Ok results,168 trophy bonded bear claws from federal as well as 164 nosler partitions from federal.All with ok results.The only one close to sub moa was the handloads.I put a hogue stock on my rifle and am in the midst of having my trigger tuned to 1.5 lbs and glass bedded action then it's off to eab co. for a sherman muzzle break .I want to shoot in a league but don't trust myself to reload .I don't know the rate of twist for this rifle .I was thinking of trying black hills gold ammo but not sure which one .I can't really afford to buy A ton of different ammo .so any input would be great .Any input on the break would be great as well.