model 7 extended mag? trigger mods?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by lurcher, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. lurcher

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    Aug 23, 2006
    Just wondering if it is possible to fit a wyatt extended magazine to a rem model 7 in 7mm saum?

    I looked on brownells and read the following

    Extended - Precision stamped, stainless steel magazine box has .110" additional length to provide the required clearance for extra long rounds. Extended box and Long Window box have plenty of room for the popular .300 and .338 Ultra Mag and other calibers based on the .404 Jeffery case. Extra-long feed lips give reliable feeding with .284 Win. cases. Long and Short Window boxes have a triangular window that provides extra room for case shoulder; holds three rounds of these large diameter cases. Remington fits 700 ADL and BDL, requires minor modification to stock, receiver and bolt stop. WSM has a flat follower and center feed to prevent last round feeding problems with Winchester Short Magnum cartridges. M-70 fits Winchester Model 70; increases magazine length from 3.4" to 3.82". Requires machining receiver and altering bolt stop and ejector.

    SPECS: Stainless steel. Capacity: ADL - 3 rounds, BDL - 2 rounds. Extended - 3.91" (9.62cm) long. Long Window Box 3.91" long. Fits Remington 700 long action. Short Window Box 3.06" (7.6cm) long. Fits Remington 700 short action. WSM - Standard - 2.95" (7.5cm) long, fits 700 short action and Model 7. Extended - 3.06" (7.6cm) long, fits 700 short action. Capacity two rounds. M-70 3.82" (9.7cm) long, fits Winchester Model 70 long action. Capacity three rounds.

    Does anyone know is the standard, at 7.5mm still an extended mag? Just did a rough measure and that seems pretty close to the stock mag length. I see that the extended is only 1mm longer yet it is stated that it will only fit the 700, anyone know if it will fit the model 7 also? If these magazines can be fitted will I have the receiver machined?

    The model 7 trigger is slightly different to a standard 700 trigger. I have searched but haven't come up with any info on aftermarket triggers (with safety) for the model 7. I have heard that a competent smith can work some magic on a remington trigger (beyond tweaking the adjustment screws) to get a reliable, safe 2lb trigger, would this be the best option to get a trigger suitable for longrange work?

    thanks in advance

  2. Wild_Bill

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    Sep 15, 2005

    Hi I don't think an extended mag box can be fitted a standard length rem 700 centre feed might be able to be fitted. For a trigger the Jewell HVR trigger with the bottom safley will fit but you will need to use a diferent bolt stop though.

    Cheers Bill