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    First let me say...this is going to be the most stupid question ever ask on this site and I'm not least I don't think so!

    Second I am no rookie to hunting...I have have killed numerios animal with a bow, shot gun and rifle. I might add on a buget, I'm not a rich guys running around the world shoot big game.

    Third...I'm really not stupid..OH...I've already touched on for the question:

    Can someone explain what the heck MOA is?

    Is 5 inches= 5 MOA?

    If so why not just drop the MOA thing and say inches?

    I have read about MOA and for the life me don't get it???????????????

    What the poop is Minute Of Angle????????
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    Minute Of Angle is a measurement of angle, corresponding to 1/60 of a degree. An actual minute of angle is around 1.047 inches at 100yds, but in common usage the "shooter's MOA" is simplified to the range in yards divided by 100 giving the approximate size of a minute of angle at that range (100yds/100=1", 750yds/100=7.5"). For an actual precise measurement of MOA you have to use radians and some trigonometry which for most peoples purposes is not needed. But I'm sure someone here can quote the actual formula if you want.

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    No such thing as a stupid question:)

    MOA is an angular measurement 1/60th of a degree (Nosler #4 manual). This equats to 1.047" at 100 yards, 2.094" at 200 yards and 3.141" at 300 yards. Many times MOA is just rounded down to 1 inch per hundred yards for simplicity sake. This works as long as you are staying at shorter distances. The greater the distance, the more difference there will be in MOA and inches per hundred yards. Shooters will refer to the accuracy of their gun interms of MOA. Most American scopes are set up in inches per hundred. Top of the line scopes will be set up in MOA.

    Here is a hypathetical. You have to dial your scope 30 MOA to reach 800 yards. THat equates to a POI shift of 251.25" (1.047 x 30 x 8). Your scope is set up in inches per hundred and you dial 30 inches equating to 240" POI change (1 x 30 x 8). You just missed by 11.25 inches.

    I just pulled these # out of my A$$ and I realize that they are off a bit to say the least, but you should get the idea.
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    edit : lots of replies while I was slowy typing, I thought I'd be the first reply (I'm getting old I guess).

    MOA is an angular measure, inches is linear.

    Sights on a rifle operate on an angular measure principle, not linear.

    Our eye is very close to the sights (front and rear) so a tiny linear (parts of an inch) adjustment at very close distances produces an ever increasing adjustment as the distance increases. If I want to make a 200 inch adjustment to my point of impact I must know the distance the adjustment is desired in order to make the angular sight adjustment. Its a given that I cant adjust the sights (or scope) enough to make a 200 inch change at 25 yards but I can make a 5 inch change at 25 yards, this very same 5 inch change at 25 yards works out to about 200 inches of change at 1000 yards.

    It'd be a little cumbersome to preface each sight adjustment with the distance as in the 25 yards vs 1000 yards example, its much easier to say "20 MOA" of adjustment in UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT.

    MOA does not need a distance clarification for sight adjustment, its already angular.

    Inches needs a Distance component to convert to angular sight adjustments.

    A 5" group doesn't sound too good as a simple and non-clarified statement. A .25 MOA group is pretty good and can measure a linear 5".

    Capt C

    "Is 5 inches= 5 MOA?

    If so why not just drop the MOA thing and say inches?

    5" can equal 5 MOA but only at once very specific distance, someplace very near 100 yards distant.
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    Captn C

    MOA = Minute Of Angle as you stated!

    There are 360 deg in a complete circle and 60 minutes to every deg.
    Also just for fun every minute has 60 seconds also.
    one of these minutes is where the term minute of angle comes from.
    MOA is a angular measurement and changes with distance.

    1 MOA @ 100 yards = 1.047 inches
    1 MOA @ 200 yards = 2.097 inches
    1 MOA @ 500 yards = 5.235 inches
    1 MOA @ 1K yards = 10.47 inches

    3 MOA @ 100 yards = 3.141 inches
    3 MOA @ 1K yards = 31.41 inches

    It is close to inches but not the same

    hope this helps, also check the search it's been explained lots of ways, maybe one of the old posts will help make it more clear.

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