Minox NRA Sample Sale

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    Minox NRA Sample Sale

    Here is the list of Minox Sports Optics that came in from the NRA show from their booth. All are in as new or close to as new condition. All are optically perfect and come as a new item would with the full warranty. Please call to place an order as we are not posting this on the website (due to quantity limitations). We have two of each style that came in from the NRA convention.
    Please feel free to call with any questions.

    BV 8x25 $104.99
    BV 10x25 $109.99
    BV 8x42 $184.99
    BV 10x42 $189.99
    BL 8x32 $279.99
    BL 8x42 $299.99
    BL 10x42 $314.99
    BL 8x56 $549.99
    BL 13x56 $574.99
    BD 8.5x42 $399.99
    BD 10x42 $399.99
    HG 8x33 $529.99
    HG 8.5x43 $599.99
    HG 10x43 $629.99
    HG 8.5x52 $679.99
    HG 10x52 $729.99
    BD 8x24 $139.99
    BD 10x25 $159.99
    BD 8x44 BP $349.99
    BD 10x44 BP $399.99
    MD 62 ED W $599.99
    MD 62 ED $599.99
    21-42x eyepcs. $299.99
    MD 50 W $249.99

    Thank you for your continued support.
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