MINOX BF 8 x25 BR review

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    Jun 4, 2010

    please move as required. I tried to post in the equipment reviews but was not allowed.

    Doug @ cameraland asked that I kindly give the above referenced binoculars a review after receiving them.

    First, I won a set of these in the contest this week and received them in the mail today (saturday, December 4, 2010). Very fast shipping. Also, it is a privilege to win something like this and then get the opportunity to provide a review.

    Scale 1-10 (10 best)

    1. These are German made. I saw no indication of a Country of Origin (COO) label of china. Therefore, I must assume from all of the writing on the box and documentation inside that this was indeed completely German made. Refreshing to see something made and imported from somewhere else than china. Customer service says to contact someplace in Germany for repair work. Beats china any day of the year. 10

    2. Exterior construction and appearance. 10
    3. Glass, excellent. For the cost of these binoculars they are every bit of compabible with binoculars costing $3-500 dollars (I compared them to a Vortex Fury 8x32). Focus was smooth and excellent. 10
    4. Drool factor - 9. We took them birding late this afternoon and my oldest son (14 years old) wanted to use them instead of his Vortex Fury's.

    5. Size - 8x25. compact but good for size. Bigger would be better. 7
    6. Cost - free, no problem there. Would I buy them, yes. My son is now considering MINOX as his next set of binoculars. 10

    7. Waterproof - they are but I didn't try. So I will take their word for it.

    8. Camerland customer service. Fast. Email coorespondence with Doug was great. Didn't have to wait very long for followup. Will I look to Cameraland for future purchase? Yes! 10

    Summary. It is nice to receive a great piece of equipment and these binoculars are good for the size, quality, price.

    To the staff at Cameraland - thanks for a nice gift. We are fortunate here at longrangehunting.com to have a great supporter like YOU.


    KS Shooter