Minox BD 15x58 ED BR Biniocular for only $549.99

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Minox BD 15x58 ED BR Biniocular for only $549.99

    We just received our shipment, finally, of the Minox BD 15x58 ED BR Binocular. We commissioned Minox to make more of these for us as they are excellent binoculars and we were able to get them made for us to sell for only $549.99 with the Minox Tripod Adapter.

    We have put together some kits that we think make sense:

    Minox 15x58 with Vortex Binocular Harness Strap & Nikon Lens Pen $564.99

    Minox 15x58 with Vortex Shooting Stand & Nikon Lens Pen $599.99

    Minox 15x58 with Gorillapod SLR Zoom & Nikon Lens Pen $599.99

    Minox 15x58 with Nikon Window Mount & Nikon Lens Pen $599.99

    Minox 15x58 with Vortex High Country Tripod & Nikon Lens Pen $629.99

    Minox BD 15x58 ED BR Part# 62132
    It is an essential feature for many nature observers to be able to detect the very finest details even in twilight. With the range of 58 mm binoculars (8x58, 10x58 and 15x58) MINOX offers a generation of powerful binoculars with enhanced light transmission and high magnification.
    When using high magnifications, color displacements are frequently encountered and these can only be fully omitted with ED glass containing fluoride. For years now these special types of glass have been used in photo optics and are predominantly applied in telephoto lenses (APO lenses = apochromatic correction). MINOX is applying this type of glass in binoculars of this calibre (10x58 and 15x58). The result is quite outstanding: these binoculars can provide unadulterated rendering of the finest color definitions in the feathers of rare bird species viewed over long distances.
    It goes without saying that the new 58 series is fitted with all the features which distinguish the other well established MINOX binoculars; large field of view of up to 6.5 degrees, short close focus range of < 4.9m, robust aluminium body, extendible eyecup and excellent viewing for people wearing glasses. The argon gas filling prevents misting up of the optical system on the inside, even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

    This binocular is provided with a case, a wide neoprene strap & a tripod adapter.

    If you have any questions please give Doug or Neil a call or send a PM or e-mail.
    Thanks for the continued support :)
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    Free Bump for Doug!!

    I have a pair of the Minox BD 15x58 ED BR binos. I bought them 2 or 3 years ago from another New York vendor. I paid about $1,100 for them and they're worth every penny! I love these things.

    I can sit and look through them for long periods without eye strain and finally had to upgrade my Nikon ATBs because they were such a let-down after looking through my Minoxs.