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    May 22, 2005
    Have any of you tried this product? The person that gave me the link swears by it. Would be interesting to find out if the claims by the company hold up. I know there are many people on this board that could put this stuff to the ultimate test. Any takers????

    Claims by the company!!!!!!!
    Microlon Gun Juice is a one-time treatment, unlike any other standard lubricant... a metal treatment that treats the inside of your gun barrel and leaves behind a long-lasting dry-film super lubricant.

    Increases muzzle velocity
    Improves accuracy
    Improves accuracy (tighter groupings)
    Extends barrel life
    Reduces wear
    Prevents rust and corrosion
    Smoothes operation
    Eases clean up
    Will not attract dirt, dust or grime.

    A artical was done in American Gunsmith that says the claims are true. http://www.microlon.com/testresults/applications/Firearms/AmericanGunsmith.pdf

    If anyone is interested in the product you can check it out at http://www.microlon.com/index.asp
    1 oz is 8.95
    4 oz is 29.95
    Plus shipping