Meopta spotting scope

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  1. trigger puller

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    Dec 10, 2011
    Has anyone used a Meopta SP75. I am going to use it for shooting and also hunting, was thinking of getting one but can't find reviews from shooters.
  2. Bounce

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    Mar 24, 2013
    Does Meopta even make the 75 anymore? I have the Meopta Meostar S2 which is an 82mm objective. I love it! It is better than the Swaro, Zeiss, and Leica alpha's, but perhaps an indistinguishable notch below the best Kowa, but at least $1000 less. Most reviews are going to be on birder sites; however Rokslide has a stellar review. The glass is excellent, the zoom and focus rings are superb, and you can get two eyepieces for about the cost of one Kowa eyepiece. I like the 30-60 as it has the best field of view of any spotting scope out there. Haven't tried the 20-70 eyepiece as I haven't had any need for it. Check it out:
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  3. cummins cowboy

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    Nov 21, 2010
    that S2 is one bad A$$ spotting scope. its the best spotting scope I have ever looked through, keep in mind I also wear glasses and it also accommodates that really really well. however, the new meopta is priced at over 2k at that price I am still skidish as I would be concerned about resale value. if the exact scope said swarovski on it I would say its well worth it. I have seen some go on ebay for less than $1400 in that case I think they are worth it. the scope offers and amazing view.