Medium rnage Zebra

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Went this weekend to collect a Zebra for a wall mount skin. There's not much cover on the farm and typically shots over 200 yards are the order of the day. We located a herd of Zebra numbering just over 40 and starting glassing to determine which has the best skin. When looking for a Zebra skin the most important aspects are how many scars the animal has, as well as the distinction between the black and white stripes. Typically females have better hides as they don't fight as much.

    We setup just over 325 yards with a howling wind blowing directly from right to left. I've been practising at 550 yards, and occasionally at 850yards and have been making good hits consistently so confidence was high. 325 yards was well within my capabilities although my experience with strong winds is fairly limited. Aimed for a high shoulder on a mature female, and ended up with a low neck shot just in front of the shoulder. Didn't compensate enough for the wind. Part of the learning curve. Was lucky enough (although high shoulder does give leeway for mistakes) to end up with a clean kill.

    Rifle was a Rem Sendero in 300RUM. 220gr SMK's at just under 3000ft/s. IOR 4 x 14 - 50 scope. SMK punched a neat exit hole of just over twice bullet diameter on the way out after breaking the neck. In my books excellent performance.

    Need more practise in windy conditions though.

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    Nice story, thanks for sharing. Need to see a bigger picture though.;)