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    I would be very grateful if somebody here has a picture of a mcmillan stock.With either forest green /olive/brown and possibly a recommended percentage.I have ordered a custom rifle with a lazzeroni sporter stock.The rifle is to be used for scottish hill stalking and british woodland stalking.It will be based on a hansen action with walther barrel and chambered in 6.5 x 284.I would be glad of any advice on colours.Ideally a drab marble camouflage is what I'm looking for!

    You can buy McMillan stocks, ready to ship at the LRH Store.

    thank you

    Fire at will
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    Check out the thread "338 thunder project" in Bullets, barrels and ballistics. The stock shown is a Lazzeroni sporter with 70% medium green and 30% white.

    One thing to mention: The Lazzeroni stock is advertised on Mcmillan's website as having a "small amount of cast off". While this is true, they fail to mention that there is also a hell of a lot of "toe in" or "camber" to the rear of the stock. This makes it nearly impossible to look through your properly mounted and leveled scope and make the crosshairs not look like they are at canted 5 degrees toward your non-shooting eye when held offhand.

    In other words, if you are trained in the shooting sports enough that you have conditioned your body to hold a rifle level as possible, this stock will drive you absolutely crazy! It is always fighting you on the bags or on the bi-pod and you have to mentally remind yourself to keep pushing on it's side to keep the bubble level on the scope.

    Mine is being replaced with an HTG stock at no charge. It is the same width forend and a little lighter and the damn thing is actually straight so you can shoot it normally.
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    The forward gun is one of Bill Baileys, it is black, green and brown I think. Not sure on the percentages[​IMG]

    good luck
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    it seems that BD and I have posted similar replies to this one, mine is on the; A Passion for Stalking site.