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    Mar 6, 2008
    McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, LLC has partnered with Extreme Outer Limits TV to produce the only line of rifles made specifically for long range hunting.

    Kelly McMillan and Bob Beck, host of the television show and avid long range hunter have teamed up to develop the ultimate long range package by modifying the standard long range cartridges in use today, the 7MM RUM, 300 RUM, 30-378 and the 338 Lapua. They have developed specific loads using Berger bullets exclusively and have modified the chambers to allow for seating the bullets on the lands. The results allow for super accuracy with tremendous ballistic coefficients and amazing terminal energy at ranges past 1000 yards.

    The package will include any of the McMillan/EOL rifles, either a 3.5-15x56 or a 5.5-22x56 NightForce scope with the new Velocity reticle chosen specifically for your rifle and a box of custom loaded EOL ammunition. As always the McMillan rifle comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which states that the customer will be happy with the fit and finish as well as the accuracy or you can return it to McMillan for a complete refund.

    To stay abreast of new McMillan-EOL developments check us out on Facebook by using the following links;

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