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    Mar 12, 2002
    I have been extremely impressed with the quality, craftmanship, innovative design and performance of this rifle. Upon opening the case it is obvious Mcmillan is going all out to provide hunters with the absolute finest in long range hunting rifles. When I opened the case I noticed a packet including information from Mcmillan and Nightforce along with certificates of authenticity, quality and warranty information. The warranty is an unconditional lifetime warranty against defects plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back within 30 days of purchase. The quality, balance and feel of the rifle is the first thing I noticed as I picked it up out of the case. The ergonomic stock design and balance gives this rifle the best feel of any rifle I have ever shouldered in the long range class. Mcmillan has put together a very nice rifle that incorporates features in stock, barrel and action learned from years of research with military, law enforcement, top target shooters and hunters. The rifle with the 5.5-22 Nightforce scope weighs approximately 10 1/2 pounds.

    Obviously, having built rifles for nearly forty years, the first thing I did was take the barreled action out of the stock to see the bedding work and inspect the action. The bedding is absolutely precise with a perfect job of mating the Mcmillan G30 action to the stock from back to front properly supporting the action in all areas. The fit is so precise the lettering on the action is revealed precise in the bedding. The barrel is completely freefloated with a smooth minimum tolerance precise fit to the barrel along the entire barrel channel. The stock has a 1" decelerator pad. The action is mated with a Jewel trigger factory set at 2 3/4 pounds. The stock comes with sling swivels.

    The action is noticably slick to operate with minimal lug tolerances. Weight has been kept to a minimum with the nice fluted bolt and drilled bolt handle. The bolt also incorporates a gas port. The action will eject rounds with the safety in the on position. It has a large recoil lug bedded perfectly to the stock. A 20 MOA rail is mounted to the action with ultralight NF rings with level. The scope is a Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NP-RI.

    The barrel is a 26" #5 fluted 1-10" twist with a Vias brake. The EOL reamer was used that throats the chambering perfectly for the 210 grain Berger bullet.

    With my family emergencies and hunting seasons winding down I have been extremely busy trying to get this rifle on a few hunts. Thank goodness it is extremely accurate. I fired one shot at the target after bore sighting then adjusted to hit where I wanted. The next three were through the same hole exactly where I wanted. The rifle has taken two nice deer at 326 and 764 yards after this zero which I will tell about later. I wanted to do a complete long range test of the rifle first then hunt but the timeline did not accomodate that. I am leaving now for a couple weeks back to Georgia to be with my ailing parents and then will be back to start the long range testing of this rifle and more hunting.

    I just wanted to include this initial report and pictures before I went on the trip.

    My son and I have been trying to upload all the pictures. Apparently my old computer is the problem. I will have to upload the pictures when I return. My appologies.
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    Thanks for the update. Hope everything goes well with your parents. Looking forward to more updates when you return.