Manners T5A w/ Mini Chassis molded in camo

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  1. trevor73402

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    Nov 6, 2009
    Like new Manners T5A with Manners Mini Chassis DBM
    Inlet for Surgeon 591/Rem 700SA clones
    Mini Chassis DBM w/ (1) 5rd Mag
    Atlas Rail on forend
    2 flush cups left
    Manners molded in "Midnight" camo
    M24/M40 barrel channel. (Rem Varmint contour looks fine in it)

    This stock would cost you exactly $1,110 shipped to your door from Manners plus a 10wk wait. I would prefer to trade this stock for a T4A that is spec'd out the very same way (color doesn't matter). We could trade stock for stock. Otherwise, I will sell this one for $1,010 shipped. Price is not negotiable so please don't ask. The only trade I need is a T4A spec'd out the exact same way as this one.

    Here is the stock. Nothing else is included in the sale other than what's listed above.
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    Mar 23, 2009
    Back to the top for this beauty, tried to PM you but I'm interested, email me