Manner aluminum mini chassis worth it?

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    Jan 20, 2013
    This may not be the exact thread to put this but I didn't see another that would fit it better..

    Ok so Manner has the new full length aluminum bedding instead of just the aluminum pillars, is it worth it/worth the wait? I mean I skim bed everything anyway because even if the stock maker manufactures everything to exact spec, sometimes actions aren't (talking about 700's, 70's, Howa's, and etc.). So skim bedding just makes sense, I see that manner claims that the angles in the aluminum bedding will make contact in 5 places, so lets say the action does for into those 5 places perfectly, you would still probably want to skim bed the tang, and definitely the recoil lug? Am I wrong? And again, is the full aluminum bedding worth it, if you can just skim bed it yourself very easily?