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    Dec 13, 2002
    some of you may recall that a year ago I was having problems with case life in my 6.5 Gibbs, anything over 3100 fps with a 140 gr bullet and my cases lasted 1 shot and the pockets were gone.
    well I had it throated for a 140 a-max just seated to the base of the neck, then got a good deal on some berger vld's.
    I took a new fireformed case and loaded with 61 gr of re22 with a berger just kissing the lands, and fired, reloaded and fired again, and again, the case lasted 4 shots before the pocket was noticeably loose, it chrony'd 3246, 3255, 3256, 3232.
    I went to the range and tried it out, had a breeze shifting constantly from 0-4 mph, and mirage was pretty bad.
    I fired a 3 shot group at 100, then made an adjustment for a 300 yard zero, then fired 3 at 610 yards, here is the target. all in all I'm pretty happy with the initial test of the vld's, the 3 shot 100 yard group measured .437 (shooting off a bipod) the 3 at 610 were right around 6"
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