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    Im new here and I saw this, And I believe someone was asking what is the
    The Fastest "Available to buy cartridge"? it is made by RBCD preformance plus.

    It excedes mach 5 and has a minimal velocity of 5900 Ft/per sec. It utilzes EXTREMELY long buring time will stay that velocity for 3 seconds straight by a kind of afterburner similar to gyrojet. Now if your like me, and your still thinking "thats to slow" and you get ideas. We all know the 50 sabot is a 30 cal and we all know there are also 308 sabots.lightbulb I bored and I just so happened to have both and got crafty.....:D

    (slow erriy tone)

    I thought... "Is it possible to put a sabot within a sabot?

    Sure enough, I took both out and put the sabot withing the sabot, and was high up surprised

    I has personally loaded the 50 with .416 barret powder for some extreme burning time and a few other elements because its so light!

    just image necking down a 50 cal to a .22:cool:

    Anyhow, I had gotten more craft and Thought of an after burner for the .22, and made

    I took off the vented muzzle brake and put on my specially made helical muzzle brake.

    I long to try this in a 43 inch barrel instead of my cheapskate 2 grand 29inch .50 cal.

    In short just thing of a shooting star

    RBCD Product 1

    Look at the bottom of chart
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