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    Feb 15, 2012
    Okay - So Ive been a lurker for over a year. Signed up and would read various article but didnt sign in to post anything so now Im coming clean and admitting Ive been lurking.

    I am both a target shooter and hunter in Ontario Canada and planning a trip to Wyoming. Target shoot 223 90 gr Bergers out to 1000 yards. Hunting includes deer, Moose and I keep putting my name in for Elk but so far have not been successful.
    I also target shoot with handgun - S&M M&P 9 mm - since you cant use them for anything else in Canada :eek:(

    Target Rifles: Anschutz Match 54 22 Lr, Tikka 595 Master Sporter 223 Cal with a 28 inch True FLight barrel reamed for 90 gr Bergers - Yup its a Mouse Gun!

    Hunting Rifles include a Sako 85 270 WSM, Benelli R1 30 06, Weatherby 300, Styer Mannlicher Model M 270W, and a Benelli Black Eagle 2 with a extra rifled slug Barrel.

    Got into reloading in the past year and have spent way to much $$ LOL but am having lots of fun learning
    so thats my story!