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  1. rjackh

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    Nov 30, 2009
    i would like to get a rangefinder real soon. i bow hunt and i also do some long range shooting. i would like something i can range out to atleast 1k yds. my question is about the range finders that have the arc features that compensate for shooting angles like from tree stands. how exactly does this work?

    someone on another forum said they compensate for the elevation they are at to give you a "flat line" reading (from base of tree to deer, not from my bow 5 yds up in the tree down to the deer). he said this is the distance that gravity acts on the projectile, thus making it the only really important distance. does this apply to long range shooting but not bowhunting where a 5 yd difference in reading can be a big deal?

    lets say i have a tree stand 5 yds up in a tree. a deer is standing 20 yds from the base of my tree. the hypotenuse of this triangle, or the distance the arrow flies will be like 20.6 yds. will a rangefinder with the arc feature shoot this as exactly 20 yds, while one without an arc feature will shoot it at 20.6 yds? if so, the juice is not worth the squeeze for me, id rather go with a higher end rangefinder without the arc feature. .6 yds will not affect my arrow flight in the long run.

    sorry its long but its really been bugging me
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    Dec 26, 2001
    Everything you've stated sounds pretty accurate to me. I only see the angle of the shot as being particularly important when shooting rifles at steep angles (up or down) over long range.

    For bow hunting, it is good to know how to aim when shooting straight down (or nearly so), but other than that I've never made a hold correction based on the angle of the shot and I bowhunt from some fairly high stands.

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    Apr 17, 2009
    Agreed....for bow hunting ARC is not an issue. For longer distance hunting I can see it being helpful. I bought the Leupold with TBC or something like that, it also has a mode that tells you the dial up for your load if you find one that works on it.