LR glassing and hunting

Discussion in 'Elk Hunting' started by shortshooter, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Jan 19, 2007
    First a thanks to this forum and another thanks to Shawn Carlock of Defensive Edge.

    My dad is very handicapped and cannot walk far on any surface. Basically to the bedroom-bathroom-family room. He's an 100% service connect disabled vetran. My sis and I bought him an Yamaha UTV so he can travel around and get out in the woods of Idaho where theres lots of logging roads and trails to ride around on. It's like his outdoor wheelchair, and we also have got him an state handicap vehicle hunting permit.

    We had him practice up to 1200 yds with an Savage 338 Edge single shot rifle that was picked up on this forum awhile back, and it slings 300 gr Bergers.

    Last day of cow elk season I drove him around in his Rhino and did spotting for him. First open brushy hillside I spotted an static cow elk at 1143 yd and she wasnt moveing as she was busy eating.

    It was an cross canyon shot with no wind and very still that morning, like super still. I set up the mechanical rest, dialed in the USO SN-3 3-22 and took my station at the spotting scope.

    Dads first shot was just low and a bit under the elk probably from his excitement but it didn't move. We slowed down and got breathing undercontrol and the next shot was spot on. This elk gave us every opportunity and the conditions were surreal. We had an elk down.

    Because of my dads lack of mobility and slowness, LR hunting and intense glassing was perhaps the only way for him to hunt with an success and proper shot placement. Jump shooting elk and up close engagements are just impossible for him in our thick terrain, so across canyon, and glassing brushfields prevailed for us and turned disability in ability.
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    Thats great! tell your dad congratulations!!!! My dad, his friend and I were just talking about the fact that long range hunting allows the older guys that cant necesarily beat the brush to still be in the game! nice work!!

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    Aug 14, 2010
    That's awesome! Congrats to you and your dad.

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    Jan 28, 2011
    Thanks for the story.
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    Great story. Thanks for sharing it. Good on you guys and congrats to your Dad!!
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    Good on you helping him get set up and enjoy what he loves. Filling a tag is hard enough without limitations. I hunt with a buddy that has MS and we hunt in a similar fashion and its always better when he tags out. Tell your dad sounds like a hell of a shot!