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  1. assasin-99

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    Jul 31, 2005
    i have a howa 1500 ss warmint in 308 and i am tired about all the clicks needed for 800 yrds shooting and im am wondering. what kind of caliber can i use in the howa action?
    i am planing to shoot varmints and some deer her i norway.
    i was thinking of 6-284, 6,5-284, 7 wsm, 243 ai. do you hvae some sugestions. i want i explosive effect at greater ranges if thats possible?
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Any of those will work , I personaly would shoot the 6x47 Lapua (6.5x47 necked down to 6mm) the numbers I'm seeing are right with the 243 Ackley and in some cases faster all with a smaller case making for longer barrel life (115gr Berger VLD bullets in the 3100fps range!!) shooting the 55gr Nosler Ballistic tips at over 4000fps makes for a hell of a mess of anything it hits and the 105 A-max would cleanly kill deer to 500yds.

    I think that yould easly get 3000fps out 105gr A-max from a 26" 1-8 twist barrel with the 6x47 Lapua
    my next choice would be the 243 Ackley as its gonna give you the most speed from that short action ,the 6mm-284 will certainly out run it but not by much and it won't feed from the mag unless you seat the bullets deep in the case. The same goes for the WSM case rounds.

    stepping up to the 6.5mm I'd pick the 260 maybe the 260 Ackley and shoot the 140gr Berger VLDs , you canget them to 2900fps from a 26" barrel and with a BC in the .640 range it shoots very flat and kills deer to 1000yds. This load shoots flatter than the 190gr Sierra Match King out of a 300 Win mag and has less recoil than your 308 and hits harder than your 308 at 1000yds. The only thing with the 6.5 is the lack of good varmint bullets ,though you can get the 95gr V-max to to 3300fps pretty easly