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    It seems these two game wardens were paddling
    their pirogues in the swamps of louisiana when they came
    across a man cooking something on the campfire.

    When they approached him the man seemed very
    happy to see them. and said he had been lost for
    about a week.

    When they asked what he was eating he said he didn't
    know but it was a very tall and loud bird .

    After studying the remains ,one of the wardens gasped
    and shouted ''ITS A WHOOPING CRANE" ( Not Good )
    And the other warden said 'Boy you're in a heap of trouble'

    And off to jail they went to see the judge.

    The judge asked what his name was and where was he from.
    His reply was, Ben Dover from Alaska ,this really ticked the
    judge off . Then he asked what he was doing eating an
    endangered bird .

    With his head down he replied, well judge I was starving
    and thought I might die if I didn't eat something .

    By this time the judge felt sympathy for Ben and decided
    to go light on him and just fine him.

    Then the judge asked Ben what Whooping Crane tastes like
    expecting him to say "like chicken",But Ben leaned on the
    judges bench and said 'well judge its a lot like Bald Eagle'


    PS:He's probably still in Louisiana
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    Moving it on up. You'd think with the lack of new jokes appearing in the Humor column, LRH would automatically send one forward per day, but then guess I'd be out of a job.