Lost In Translation [HD Video]

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Late season predator hunting in South Dakota (Presidents Weekend) with the breading season in full swing and mild temps making food plentiful...The O'Neill Ops team sets out on a substantial hike due to an unexpected wind switch across some walk-in land to get to a little known spot on the opposite side of private land.
    We had a good set up, with plenty of cover and the shooters/weapons to cover both the ultra long range shots that may come from the East, and the up close and personal shots that may come if approached from the South or West.

    We took what we could and what we got was unusual.
    A nice, slow paced approach from a coyote that was COMPLETELY lost. Not only did James baffle this coyote with misdirection from the call...but it had no idea where we were, due to the camo/ghillie combination we implemented.
    This coyote was so lost, in relation to our location, that it was actually beginning to circle upwind and away from the sounds we were giving it.

    I provided over watch with my 300 SAUM to the east where I had open fields for 900 yds.
    Keith laid the hammer down with the custom built 22-250.

    As with all of our videos...if you have the bandwidth, be sure to go to YouTube and let it load up in full 1080 HD.

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHQ4Tos6dqM"]Predator Hunting Suppressedâ„¢: Lost In Translation - YouTube[/ame]