Long time lurker, currently from Helena!

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    Jun 14, 2013
    Hi all! I'm excited to be a member here, as I've lurked for a couple years now. New to lrh, as I've been an average hunter distance-wise up until now, taking shots from 15-200 yds on big game. I have a rem 700 in 30-06 that I am looking to shoot longer with in the coming seasons. I've learned to shoot it pretty well, but it is probably average in the accuracy dept. The best 3-shot groups have hovered around half-moa, shot with Berger 185 and 190 VLD, but most bullets have given me groups in the 1-1.5in arena.

    What started my interest in true lrh was watching the Gunwerks guys on their TV show. Their shots just blew my mind! So I started learning about everything long-range: from calibers to guns to bullets and optics. Now, I am considering picking up one of the guns that Len has for sale here in 7 WSM. He has them mostly set up how I had planned a custom.

    I just got my MT residency and got some tags for the upcoming season. Planning mostly to timber hunt with lever guns and my brother for deer and elk, but if the trees don't produce, there are other places I have hunted sans firearm with him and his tags where the shots can stretch to much farther than I ever though I'd shoot at anything.

    I am looking forward to getting and giving input here, as I have been interested in guns and ballistics since...as long I can remember. My signature line is only partially in jest!

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Welcome to LRH and in the Big Sky Country ... enjoy!

    There's at least a couple of members from Helena, I'm sure you'll hear from them shortly.

    Happy safe shooting/hunting.