Long Range Turkey Patterns in Close

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Broken Brow, Jun 22, 2011.

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    May 24, 2011
    So you set your shotgun up for long range this fall and now the turkey comes in close. That is a good problem to have, but what do you do?

    Your first priority would be to not let that happen. With any turkey choke there will be a point where you don’t really want the turkey to come any closer. This is going to be a matter of personal preference to some extent, so you should shoot your setup and make this decision for yourself. For me, once the turkey gets in to about 30 yards that is close enough. The 10-inch pattern will be extremely deadly at that distance.

    But let’s say the turkey catches you off guard or for some other reason gets right on top of you. Use the same concept as before. Treat your shotgun like rifle, but once they get inside 25 yards, your 10-inch pattern shrinks and now begins to behave more like a shotgun slug. You would not want to try to shoot a turkey in the head or neck with a slug, so don’t do that with a shotgun pattern at close range. Simply shift your crosshairs down a little farther than you would normally aim. That will give you a little larger, more stationary target and still be effective at close range.

    As always, avoid a broadside body shot even if they are close. At long range make sure the neck is extended before you shoot.