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  1. Terry Scott

    Terry Scott Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2010
    Hello All,
    With the advent of the coming project, one of Shawns new rifles, I am shopping for steel targets to shoot at distances from 1000 - 2400 yds. With a 338 Edge
    What size target do you think is practical?
    Where can I get several of them relatively inexpensively?
    I live in Nevada, anyone nearby? Shipping can be prohibitive with A550

    Thanks for the help in advance:)
  2. JeffVN

    JeffVN Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2004
    I have and use multiple taret sizes (all are AR 500) I got mine locally from LVShooter on the Hide. He makes and sells them.

    Spring Loaded Steel Targets

    His prices are decent, and the service pretty good.

    I used to use a 30"x30" leaner (as in sitting on the ground leaning back on an attached support pole), but now use an 18"x24" shilouette for my shooting at and beyond 1,900 yards. I have a swingset looking hanging target (18"x24" rectangle) that I use as well & multiple round targets (12", 8", 6") that I use a lesser distances


  3. Terry Scott

    Terry Scott Well-Known Member

    Aug 31, 2010
    Thanks Jeff,
    He has some cool targets. And since I live in Reno, he is fairly close.
  4. azsugarbear

    azsugarbear Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2005
    What are you trying to accomplish at 1000+ yds? Is it to spot your hits for normal target practice? Just ring still for a fun afternoon? Or are you honing your hunting skills to take game at 1000 yds?

    I have seen a lot of videos with guys ringing steel at 1000 yds. The targets they are shooting appear to be very large. My goal is to hunt at 1000 plus yds, so my targets reflect the max size of the game I intend to hunt. I own four 12" square plates and two 16x24 inch rectangle plates that hang from a swingset-type of setup. All are AR500 steel. I tend to shoot at targets that are the same size or slightly smaller than the kill zone of the animal I tend to hunt (deer, sheep, antelope 12x12); (elk 16x24). When I can ring them consistently at a certain distance, then I feel comfortable taking the shot at live game.

    jcvibby is a member on this site and he runs speciales every now and then:


    Shipping is reasonable as he uses USPS pkgs (if it fits - it ships). This limits the size and number he can ship, but not the weight. Good man to deal with.
  5. Outlaw6.0

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    Feb 18, 2010

    I have 5 of Jake's targets as well, Stand up guy & a pretty good cause to support. On the size of the target; I don't think the size of the target is an issue. Especially is you are collecting dope, its much easier to spot a splash on steel 12" inches from where you intended than it is to try to find where your round hit dirt. Groups size isn't relative to target size. I usually shoot solo, so I get to play spotter too, I'd rather have a bigger target.

    I completely understand why you chose the targets you did, i'm just offering another view of the subject.

  6. silvercreekguide

    silvercreekguide Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    I actually agree with both of you. I have a 2'x3' plate that I use to work up drop charts and verify velocities. Then I have 8"-14"x20" plates set up for different sizes of animals.... The best of both worlds!