Long Range Load for the 6.5 Swede

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    Aug 10, 2008
    If you were going to be producing two long range loads (one for hunting and one for paper) for a 6.5x55 Swede what bullet style/manu, weight, and velocity would you be looking for?

    Going to limit this to a modern action with a 22-24 inch barrel

    Seems a lot of people that I’ve discussed this with feel strongly about either the 107gr SMK or the 140gr SMK. At 3000fps and 2600fps respectively.

    Apparently at this distance (see below), they claim they don’t get much difference in the bullet’s performance on game from the SMK vs. a Solid or normal conventional hunting bullet.

    Long range for these purposes would be 600 yards not 1000 or 2400 etc.


    (personally I love the 160gr RN but that is kind of like lobbing a stone)
  2. RT2506

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    Jan 10, 2008
    I have not shot any deer over 350 yards with my 6.5X55 Swede Model 96 Sporter Mauser that has a 29 inch barrel. I have killed deer out to about 350 yards with 140 GK & 120 PH Sierra and Nosler 120 ballistic tips. They all are very effective drop them in their tracks bullets. All bullets were complete pass through both shoulders of every deer I have shot with total devastation of the vitals. It is not hard to get the Swede to shoot accurately with about any load. It is just an accurate caliber. Give it a slow to med powder and it will drive tacks.

    I like 37.8 grs. IMR 4895 Rem. case. CCI BR-2 Primer, with the 140 Sierra MK OAL 3.050 average 2550 fps for my target loads for vintage military rifle shoots.

    My hunting loads are 45 grs. Accurate Arms 4350, Rem. case, Fed 210M primer, 140 Sierra GK, OAL 3.050 average 2800 fps from my 29 inch barrel.

    46 grs AA-4350, Rem case, Fed. 210M primer, 120 Sierra PH or Nos. ballistic tip, OAL 3.050 average 3000 fps from my 29 inch barrel.

    You will notice that my OAL are 3.050 . This is the longest I can load a round and get it into the magazine of my rifles. These rifles have long throats to use 160 gr RN bullets. But they all shoot very accurate at this length.

    The Accurate Arms manual states that these loads are under the 46,000 C.U.P / 51,000 P.S.I pressure limit for the Swedish Mauser. You can go hotter for modern actions up to 55,100 P.S.I. .

    I have used this rifle and the 120 ballistic tip load to shoot groundhogs this past spring with in smallish farm fields. I killed one at 187 yards. Most were between 100 and 150 yards. I tried the 100 gr Sierra HP but could not get consistent accuracy. I had about 1 flyer out of 4 shots for some reason. I did kill two ground hogs with the 100 gr bullet at about 3100 fps at about 110 yards average. Splat city.

    Hope this helps you out.

  3. CapDog

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    Jun 12, 2006
    I'm a big fan of the 129gr and 140gr Hornady SST's in the 6.5X55's. They have proven to be very effective for me on deer. Match it up with the 140gr A-max and you will have a good paper puncher.
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    Feb 22, 2008
    Also use Horndy 140 SST's from M94 Sweed 17" barrel. With healthy dose of RL22 I maxed out vel @2600. Max load listed is 47.5 gr this gave me 2500 fps. I am running 50.0 gr. of course develope load data with caution. But in a new action you should not have any problums as all data in the books is mild for the old sweed rifles. I Load to max length my magazine will allow @3.210. Seated out like this allows me alittle more powder capacity and I'm no were nere the lands. Have not shot game with it at long range just pop cans way out there. Bullet performed well at 40 yards, neck shot on 2 large mulleys with 1 inch exit wound and minimal meat damage. Should be a great shooter for you.

    Good shooting
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    Feb 22, 2012
    Couldnt help resericting this thread, always cracks me up how downloaded most loads you ever see
    Posted on these internet sites, of course for the older actions you need to be careful.....
    However for those of us with modern rifles some of these so called max loads are pitifully enemic
    In the performance dept.
    To tap into the full potential of the caliber we have moved past the old stand by for the 6.5 , 4350
    Powder and tryed some Alliant RL26 that is a wonder powder for us in the .270W.
    Starting out at 47 gr we soon moved up through 49gr on the way to 50.5gr under a Berger 140 VLD.
    The avg velocity from the Tikka T3 is 2850fps, and has no sign of high presure in this rifle.
    I think QL shows this is around 60k on preasure. 50.5 in a PPU case is just up from shoulder into the neck. So its a slightly compressed load.(at 3.145 col that is .015 off the lands in this gun) I dont see how the Creedmore folks can keep up with this over hundred year old caliber??, And
    even the .260 fellas, are going to struggle to stay in the rear view mirror ?? If they are running the same barrel lenght.
    Try some RL26 in your Sweede (if its a post WW2 action) and I think you will be pleasently surprised
    How close it will run at a .270s heels! Shooting bullets with BC's a 270 could only dream of.