Long Range and F-Class Matches & Rifle Clinic, Missoula, MT 27-28 May

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    Sep 19, 2009

    We are kicking off our first long range matches of the year in Missoula over Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we will have a 800yd match, and then on Memorial Day there will be a "Palma" format match with stages at 800-900-1000yds. There are divisions for long range sling shooters and F-class shooters shooting F-O and F-TR. All the matches are NRA approved.

    If you have not shot at the Deep Creek Range (google directions: Hellgate Civilian Shooters Asso. Deep Creek Range ) before, it is a terrific place to shoot and learn the capabilities of your rifle, ammo and skills. Camping at the range is encouraged and the city of Missoula is a short drive for those wanting to stay at a hotel.

    If you are coming for the long range matches and would like to give some "National Match" shooting a try, we also have a clinic and matches on Saturday and Sunday. The clinic is instructed by the Pro staff from U.S. Tactical Supply, and they will assist all shooters, new and established, with shooting at 200-300-600yds. So, if you have an AR15/M14/bolt action, there is a class for you. These shorter range matches are not just for iron sights anymore; you can use a scope. This will be a great chance to improve your skills with some top notch instruction.

    Preregistration is a must for all matches - contact me by email: jameydan@gmail.com

    Jamey Williams
    Match Director