Long Range .308 NEWB from VA

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    Aug 26, 2013
    Hey folks,
    I've been interested in, what I considered, long range hunting since I was about four years old. I only recently got into recreational LR shooting. I got the urge to build a rifle when I got back from Afghanistan in June and it has lead me here.

    I'm playing with a Rem 700P in .308 win, wearing a Manners T4 stock, Larue Tac 20moa base, TPS rings, and a Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50.

    I'm here mainly to learn about some load development. I'm starting off with 178gr AMAX with RL-17. I borrowed a friends SPS for a local shoot recently and it worked amazing! It was still rocking the factory barrel and action so I figure it will be a solid starting point.

    And for those of you who read this particular thread, I'm parting ways with the original HS Precision stock and BDL bottom metal off my 700. I'll ship it all together for $350, of separately (stock $300 and BM $50).

    Have a good one.
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