locals bite the dust

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    May 27, 2007

    This was the result from a visit to my local permision
    This farmer had heard a fox calling for the last few nights ,not realy expecting a result i went out just after dark in the first field lamp'd there was a fox,got a stable rest on top of a wall and stop'd it in its tracks with a 50 gr v-max a little over 100 yds away,as i was going to retreive the fox another started calling a couple of fields away,spoted it in the lamp heading streight in my direction ,so got down and just waited for it to apear lookd like it was tracking the one i had just shot, after a while i managed to stop it long enough for a shot around 150 yds away turnd out to be a dog and a vixen,all this was within half an hour which was a great suprise as a lot of fox's in this area are quite skitish
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