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    Aug 6, 2011
    Ok, So i have been looking around the web and have not found a good source of load data that is easy to navigate through with lots of different loads. Reloading Handbooks dont cover wildcats. I have seen some excel documents that do an ok job at storing your load data. So this is what i am working on.

    First a little about myself, I do MVC programming using .Net and SQL Server. Ill be building a system that will take over a lot of our notebooks full of load data. The goal is to have shooters log their shooting and reloading on this site. Users will have the option to share their loads with the community or keep them private. Users can also keep track of targets by uploading images of the target (Scanned or Picture). Users will also be able to download a PDF with all

    I also plan to put in an area for firearms. You will be able to select the manufacturer of your particular firearm (I will include Factory Brands and users will be able to put in Gunsmiths that built the firearm as the manufacturer). This will form a searchable list of firearms with the data of their firearm and even targets that their firearm shot.

    Also, I have not talked with Len yet but maybe we can include a module that allows individuals to sell firearms and have the list be both on LongRangeHunting and my site. This way everything about the firearm will be searchable. If you are looking for anything with a BAT action you can just search action mfg and find everything made by BAT.

    Forums are great, but the lack of search-ability and data integrity makes things hard. Possibly LongRangeHunting can partner with this to make a better more user friendly system to enhance the forum.

    What are your thoughts on this? What would you like to see as features for the website?

    Also, this will be a Free site for all to use.