Little Crow Gunworks WFT Trimmer Review

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    I realize this trimmer is a pretty radical departure from the normal 'lathe' type trimmer in as much as a machine tool (in my case one of the engine lathe's) provides the motive power instead of your arm or in the case of a power adapter, your power screwdriver, however..

    Repeatability across a group of cases is much better, typically 0.003 and the case mouth comes out square in relationship to the body because the case actually locates in a chamber specific machined insert.

    Additionally, it takes up much less room on your bench (goes in it's little shipping box in a drawer) and cutters are dirt cheap (typically a 2 or 4 flute centercutting mill (import) is about 4 bucks from Enco.

    Dale recommends a cordless drill (in your left hand if you are right handed or right if you are a lefty) and that works fine too.

    What most impresses me about this trimmer is it's fast (trimming can be drudgery with a lathe type trimmer, I know very well) and there is no side force applied to the case which is typical on a lathe type trimmer, no matter what brand it is.

    When Len posted this review, I didn't know who 'Daryl' was either. Guess thats me.:) No brother named Daryl either, at least I don't think there is.........:D