List your five favorite rifles

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ian M, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Ian M

    Ian M Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    I just did this for NAHC and found it to be an interesting exercise. Interested to hear from you guys. Only five. No calibers, just rifles. Think way back, might change your mind on some picks.
  2. Buffalobob

    Buffalobob Writers Guild

    Jun 12, 2001
    1. Wby Mark V. It got stolen. What a heartbreaker.

    2. Ruger #1

    3. Custom by Kirby Allen – Nesika M action with hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles and whipped cream

    4. The very, very old Remington single shot 22 I learned to shoot with. My Dad learned to shoot with that rifle. The target was the head of Prince Albert on the tobacco can.

    5. My faithful M-16 which never jammed. Not as much fun as the CAR-15 but it was dependable.

  3. ol mike

    ol mike Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2005
    1 -rem 700

    2 -rem 700

    3 -rem 700

    4 -cz

    5 -gamo -fixed barrel
  4. James H

    James H Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2006
    1. Ruger #1
    2. Winchester model 70 Push Feed
    3. Custom Lawton 7500 action Richards Microfit BR stock
    4. Weatherby Mark V
    5. Custom Savage model 12 single shot Stockade LR BR stock


    Ian didn't see your picks??????
  5. AJ Peacock

    AJ Peacock Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2005
    I hope 22lr counts, because it easily tops the list.

    #1 Win 94-22, my birthday present when I was 10 years old. I don't know how many 10's of thousands of rounds I've shot out of that old rifle. It was my dependable companion during my formative years.

    #2 Original Rem 700 BDL 7mm Rem mag (I grew up with this rifle), from 14 yrs old until now, it's been on nearly every big game hunt I've taken. It has somewhere around 40 biggame animals to its credit. It's on it's second barrel, 4th scope and second stock. It's not much to look at, but it is an honest .5moa rifle. With bipod, scope and shells, it weighs almost exactly 8lbs. It shoots WAY too good to be sooo light. (largest mule deer taken with this rifle is 34.5" spread, shot one time in the heart at 780 yds).

    #3 338AM from Kirby's shop. It's just too perfect to be any further down the list. Only has 2 elk to it's credit so far, but only 2 shots at biggame, so the average is right there. (average distance 514yds)

    #4 Remington 700 ADL 243Winchester. It's an old (5 digit serial number) beat up ADL that an older lady hunted with out west. It shoots too good to mess with. I intended to shoot out the barrel and use the action as a build platform, but everything I shot in it is sub 1" and I suspect it had less than 200 rounds down the tube when I bought it, so it is staying a .243 for the time being. The stock was cut down for the original owner and I use this rifle when the weather is really cold, because with the added layers of clothing, this rifle fits me perfectly. It's also a great rifle for the kids.

    #5 My dads Remington 700 BDL 7 Rem Mag. I shot my first Muley with this rifle and have watched my dad shoot a ton of animals with it.

  6. royinidaho

    royinidaho Writers Guild

    Jan 20, 2004
    1) Win Mod 92 - my first gun
    2) Mauser 93 - My Second gun.
    3) REM 721 - My Dad's gun - Shot my first and only WT buck w/it. It's now a Kirby creation.
    4) REM 722 now becoming a DIY Custom
    4.5) ;) Rem 700 Long/Tupperware Stock - DIY Custom
    5) My next full custom to replace #4.5 ( a really big boomer)
  7. onzah

    onzah Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2006
    1. Ruger M77/22. My first gun
    2. Winchester Model 70 Heavy Target with the HS stock. It doesn't miss.
    3. Sako Custom built by Scott McCracken.
    4. Browning BL-22.
    5. Ruger Mark II competion Model. Not a rifle but it seems to hit more than the inlaws with rifles.
  8. winmagman

    winmagman Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2003
    1) Reminton Mod. 6 rolling block 22, cut my teeth on this one as are my sons and its been in the family for 5 generations counting my boys.

    2) Rem 700 custom, got to spend some time working in Mike Rock's shop paying for parts and services, quite a learning experience.

    3) Ruger 10/22, Tricked out, just to darned fun to shoot to leave of the list.

    4) Savage DIY Semi custom, still can't believe I put something together that shoots this well.

    5) Savage custom LSR, not here yet but suspect it may be moving up the list shortly after it arrives.