limited production ruger 77/22RSH F/S

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    Sep 24, 2003
    very few were made in 22 hornet in the mid 1990's with rings and sights. the rifle has a rifle basix trigger and the original factory trigger. it is a real shooter with 35-40 gr v-max bullets and hand loads, load data avaliable. the rifle is about 97% with only a couple small handling mark. it comes with the original blued rings and scope is not included.
    might consider trades if the right firearm comes along(ruger mark III hunter ss fluted or ruger # 1 in the right caliber 218 bee, 22 hornet . 695.00+ 15.00 shipping. Sorry no box.

    also avalible , Forester comp dies, 8 boxes of 35 gr vmax bullets same case lot and 200 pieces of brass. package price avalible.

    comments pertaining to this rifle model collectability .

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