Leupolds LR recticle?

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    Jan 4, 2006
    Hello, love reading the threads here, I'm a avid shooter/hunter. I currently shoot a regular ballistic plex 3-9. I'm looking to extend my range using something a bit better than "kentucky" elevation but don't know if I want to jump into the area of windage knobs, not yet, or with this rifle (heavy sporter 280 AI with 26" tube) I'm very confident with the rifle and group well out to 400 with this setup, and it groups well at 600 as well, not adjusting (eyeballing) elevation, and 600 is really IMO the limit for a 9 power scope. (and that may be streching it as well)

    So, has anyone used these, it seems like it would help for more confident elevation holds,(still kentucky windage) after alot of range practice using it, and the extra shooting is good, gives me a reason to burn more powder

    Want to get a more suitable LR rig in the future, but still trying to figure out what that is for me
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    Feb 26, 2003
    I don't see why it would be any real advantage than what u already have, unless u're trying to shoot small vmnts. at that range. It's just a basic ballistic reticle quite similar to the BP u have. The subtensions of the stadia r a little different. When it comes to windage holdoff the BP reticle u have there can be used accurately with the horizontal plex post tips, and is established the same way u would elevation. The plex post tips r 3.4 MOA wide from center x-hair for the FFII 3-9X 40mm, and 3.25 for the 3-9X 50mm. If you're shooting @ 500 yds. in a 10 mph x-wind, and the ballistics program says u need say 3.0 MOA wind correction, then divide 3.0 by 3.4 (for the 40mm), and u get .9. So aim down to your 500 yd. mark, and then go over 9 tenths the way to the post tip, and shoot. All windage is really is just a trajectory in the horizontal plane, and can be referenced pretty accurately using the subtension vs. trajectory system. If i was developing a LR shooting system with that reticle then here's what that particular entry on my range sticker would look like (assuming 500 yds. is the 3rd stadia down)--


    The Leupold may help some in the windage category as their plex post tips are 7.6 MOA either side of reticle's vertical axis for the 3-9X.