Leupold Mark 4 8,5x50 mm ER/T Sighting-In

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Hi out there!
    I got my Remington 700 Police in .300 WinMag with a Leupold Mark 4 8,5 - 25x50 mm ER/T mounted on it.

    Before going out sighting my "Baby" in, I wanted to gather some theoretical information on the effect of the MOA / Nr. of clicks on the point of impact at different distances.

    In Germany and with the various scopes, which I have I know that at 100 m one, click means 1 cm (elevation or windage). In the owner’s handbook of my scope, I found that with this scope 1 MOA represents 29 mm at 100 m, which means to me 1 click (1/4 MOA) results in a shift of point of impact of 7,25 mm at 100 m!

    This ultimately means to me that at 200 m 1 click results in a shift of 15,5 mm and at 1.000 m 7.250 mm (7,25 m) could this be? Most probably I am mistaken!

    Sorry for the trivial question but I intend getting things sorted out beforehand!

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Thanks and best regards from Germany

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    Oct 22, 2008
    I believe it will work out like this.
    1 click will equal .694cm at 100 Meters

    1MOA= 2.54CM at 100yards
    ¼ MOA= .635cm at 100 yards
    109.36 yards = 100meters
    So you would multiply .635cm by 1.0936 and you get .694cm at 100m, 1.38cm at 200m and so on. I believe this is how it works out but could be wrong, so check my math. Good luck.

    It looks like everyone goes by .7cm per click at 100m I guess I should have just looked it up before I figured it out.
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