Leupold base and rings

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  1. skandlus

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    Sep 5, 2009
    whats the right way to put on new leupold rings onto the base and then attach the scope? for some reason the scope appeared canted to the left in the front, but shot to the right??? I took it off my ar15(weavers) solid at 100yards and put new 1" leupold rings onto the rem700 leupold base and then the scope. I finally adjusted the windage screw to appear equal rt and left. BUT AFTER messing with the turrets. Now at 100yrs both turret indicators are at the 3 line on my Monarch.
  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    If the scope is canted to the left ,It will shoot to the right the further out you get.

    Level the rifle and then level the scope.

    Place a piece of tape on the scope and on one ring and make a mark that matches
    both pieces of tape and then shoot @ 100 yards and @ 300 yards if the 300 yard
    POI is off from the 100 yard POI then loosen the rings just enough to rotate the
    scope and move the scope in the direction of the hits @ 300 yards.

    Tighten and try it again. if it moves half way then the marks will tell you how much
    more to move the scope .(Be sure and tighten the rings between adjustments).

    Once the POI is the same at all distance your home free and you can remove the tape.

    Just one way to mount the scope level.


  3. MontanaRifleman

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    May 21, 2008
    I hang a plumb bob to align my scope with the center of the bore. I align the verticle (windage) reticle with the string, eyeballed to center of bore.

    To confirm and fine tune it, take a 4' scrap peice of cardboard or plywood and draw a straightline on it. Then draw a perfectly perpedicular line across the first line and set the cardboard up plumb @ 100 yds. Shoot a 2 or 3 shot group for center, then adjust your elevation up 20 MOA (~21") and shoot another 2 or 3 shot group, then adjust down 40 MOA (20 MOA below zero) and shoot again, then back to zero and shoot again. Your zero groups should be right on the verticle line If your scope is canted, the top and bottom groups should be the same distance on opposite sides of the line. You can also check the reliability of your scopes tracking this way.

    Just another way to do it.