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    For those who actually hunt with your LRH rifles I found a good wet weather lens cleaner that keeps temp change fog to a minimum also(if you dont leave your guns outside like we do) and makes raindrops easier to wipe off without scratching lens. Just get some of that MellowYellow lookin "Prestone" windshield washer fluid at AutoZone or WM. On a whim last fall I put some in an empty Windex spray bottle that I had rinsed out and put it on my guntinkering bench in the garage. It worked great for all our lenses, even on my 1500y rf. After using it when you need to wipe your scope or bino lenses just use clean water or spit. The effect of the antifog / antiwaterdrops on your lens will last all season then just re-do it as needed. Half a bottle as I have should last a lifetime. ( Oh and for those of us with olguys with bifocals it works GREAT on them too). Good luck.
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    that's the kind of thing I like to learn....

    Thanks for your tinkerin':)