left hand 338 norma build?

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    Jun 25, 2010
    ok so ive been doing some research and read and article here on the 338 norma. i have some questions.
    1. Can i use a standard length action?
    2. i want a detachable mag
    3. i want total weight at 12-13lb
    4. where can i get a LEFT HANDED action for this?
    5. does any manufacurer make a setup with action, trigger, box magazine, and bottom metal as a unit in left hand for this cartrige?

    well i was thinking a lawton 7000 but was wanting to keep the cost down. i dont want to open up a rem 700, but i would like the smaller action that the norma can fit it over the lapua. Any other suggestions in left hand would be appreciated. i want to use it for bear and elk so i want to use 250-300gr bullets. i was thinking the new berger hybrids and maybe accubonds? let me know.