lee loadmaster press w/45/9mm dies

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    Jan 5, 2012
    I have a lee load master reloader. i purchased it used on another site and never used it. i know its missing the primer pin and spring .it functions normally but i cant say for sure because i dont have the patience to mess with it...
    included is;

    4 shell plate #4S,2-19S & 2L this nwill cover 45 acp,9mm,308/30-06,223
    2 -5 hole turrets
    9mm, & 45 acp dies
    2 quick powder dispenser & 9 powder disks
    small & lg caliber primer dispenser
    also included is a small bag of misc parts
    i am asking 250.00 plus shipping and paypal fees..send email for pics avingo@comcast.net

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