Leatherwood ARTII 3x9 QD Sniper Scope With Accessories Good Cond+ $2000 + CF OBO

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    $2000 OBO + CF (Cost Freight FedEx Only S&H etc.) Payment: Only Registered Certified Check From Your US National Bank, Cashiers Check from your Bank or USPS money orders. Sorry, PayPal or other types of payments can not be accepted. Not interested in trades. Sold AS IS. Sale Final. If interested, please see details below.


    This 3-9X ART II has the government reticule pattern with 118 Cam Special Ball 173 grain FMJ for the .308 sniper round. Glass is not yellow or faded, it's held over paper with a yellowish bulb as light source, the camera used is an older analog camcorder making pictures come out grainy and darker.


    SS# 6 - - -

    The rest of the Serial Numbers are covered up for privacy of buyer. If you are superstitious, frightened by numbers, or to put it another way, terrified of that not so nice character with the pointed implement downstairs, etc., please do not buy this scope.


    Includes Scope with Quick Detachable Mount, scarce Brown Leather Case, a fair-poor or better condition Sniper Carry Hard Case, instructions and scope covers that are pictured. You may not be able to easily find one in such condition with cases. Scope is lightly camouflaged with two colors over OEM finish.


    Has undergone its scheduled routine maintenance and professionally factory service zeroed. It looks to be in good-excellent or better condition but is selling AS IS. We've never used the scope for any range work since receiving it many years ago, apart from sending it in for factory servicing/routine maintenance.

    A Leatherwood ART II without Leather Case was valued $2500-4000 at the Stern Collection Auction last year when the US Dollar was doing better than it is today.

    Our original Leatherwood ART was stolen at Leatherwood's during servicing some years back. This ART scope was the replacement he was said to provide us for the loss.


    Just caring for the scope has become risky and costly, with shipping, insurance, etc., back and forth to factory for Nitro fill, etc., and would hate to have to go through a shipping claims process or another loss, just in case someone in the shipping company during transit thinks he's stealing a weapon or other hot valuable insured for $2000.

    Although I very much appreciate their honor and kindness in providing a replacement and we've had it in our possession for several years now. Since this scope doesn't have the same sentimental value that was attached to the stolen ART, and for the reasons already expressed, have decided to sell it.

    Please click on blue links below to see all pictures, some will be the same






















    Since I am in no way remotely an expert, if you have any tech type questions, please feel free to post your questions for the RKI's to answer in the appropriate forum. Please do not respond in the thread here because I may be restricted as to how many BTT's I can post here. If you need additional pics, please advise, given my schedule I'll try my best to have them posted within 48 hours.

    If pictures are not showing up, updated pics of most For Sale items may be found at this link. Please look in WTS album:

    WTS_Items_For_Sale pictures by CanyonRafting - Photobucket

    * Payment: Registered Certified Check From Your National US Bank, Cashiers Check from your Bank or USPS Money Orders. Registered Certified Check, Cashiers Check and USPS money order payments received, are deposited into Bank next business day and must clear Bank before I can ship (and are shipped next business day after Bank provides notification that your payment clears Bank). No other forms of payment can be accepted, No PayPal.

    For your convenience, I may also accept a standard personal check from you, but these would take something like 15+ days to clear, I don't think you'd like the wait for clearance until your item ships. Please let me know what's your preference.

    I prefer Registered Certified Check and Cashiers Checks from your bank because they have no fee's for both of us and clear quickly. Trace Fees, claims/investigation process fees and the long wait, while your funds remain in limbo with USPS MO loss isn't worth what your Bank usually provides for free.

    Shipping: USA destinations only. Shipping FedEx only. Please include your valid FedEx delivery address with first email committing to purchase, for FedEx various options, no POB's. Then you can decide what's best for you. I'll use standard ground service to a Residence FedEx DOV for $2000, unless you wish otherwise/faster service. Please also let me know if your address is a Business or Residence for their quote, perhaps they also charge different rates and I can get you for both.

    If they're on time, shipping standard FedEx Ground from West Coast on Monday to East Coast and listing your Business Address as Residential, usually arrives on Friday evening. If you listed the same address as a Business on their invoice, they would have delivered later, on the following Monday, probably during the normal day hours. So you could end up saving a few days, your choice.

    If you prefer to collect this type of scope and would like to purchase, please PM & Email. Contact info is in the profile. Although I try to check PM's regularly, I may not receive a PM notification, etc., so email would be best and quickest. I should reply within 24 hours, probably late evening or after midnight PST.

    Hope I've answered all your questions here in advance. Thanks for looking