Least expensive way to fireform?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by efw, Aug 19, 2007.

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    Sep 27, 2005
    I'm getting extremely close to finishing up what has become an 8 year project of building a 257 AI on VZ24 action. As everyone probably already knows, the cost of components, much less factory ammo, is through the roof.

    I'd planned on just purchasing some Winchester factory ammo as I've been told through several sources that their +P will last longer than Remington. Unfortunately, I cannot find a store around here that stocks this under rated cartridge, at least the Winchester loading, and the hazerdous shipping charges are high on buy through sportsman's warehouse, midway, natchez, etc.

    The one loading I can find around here is the Federal Premium which uses +P brass. Does anyone know about the quality of this brass compared to the Winchester? They're 120 gr Nosler Partition, and being as cheap as I am I can't bring myself to just blow through bullets as expensive as those for barrel break-in and fireforming, so I thought that perhaps I'd pull the bullets and reassemble the loads with 100 gr Remington Core Lokt bullets to make it a bit less expensive.

    Does anyone have an easier plan than this? Is there a way that I can fireform factory-new Winchester cases without mounting a bullet and wasting all that money?

    I've been watching this forum for quite a while and thoroughly appreciate the collective knowledge of the group.

    Good shooting,

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    Dec 26, 2001

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    Ditto the above.

    Unique and corn meal w/TP wad on top.

    Don't use Magnum primers.
    Put corn meal over Unique (20 grains for 270 AM if I recall correctly)
    Shake down the corn meal.
    Wad up 1 sq of TP and put it in case mouth.

    Fire it.
    When ejecting the fire formed cartridge be aware of the burn corn meal around the mouth. Keep the case straight on removal.

    Or blow the ring chunks out of the chamber before the next shot.

    Be careful as the barrel temp can go up quickly.

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    When you load the corn meal of cream of weat put in the oven for a few minutes to bake out all the moisture out of it. That helps it shoot cleaner.

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    Fire forming


    My slant on this subject is like this.

    You said this is a 8 year project. So i'm assuming it has a
    new barrel that should be broken in.

    So why not get the brass you want,load with reduced loads,
    find inexpensive "jacketed" bullets (no lead) and fire form at
    the same time you are breaking in the barrel.

    Then size with your neck/full length dies trim all to the same
    length and your ready to give that wildcat every chance
    to make you happy.

    After waiting 8 years and spending lots of money I wouldn't
    worry about saving a few dollars on fire forming.

    There are many ways to fire form as stated on this post including
    Hydraulic forming . but to get the best chamber fit I still prefer
    a reduced load with a light bullet.

    Plus as I have stated before it gives me a chance to get familiar
    with my new toy.

    Have fun