Lapua scenar vs. Hornady AMAX Jug test PICS

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    Jan 31, 2003
    constructed a test to simulate a deer shot
    here is the platform.
    2 one inch boards on each end to simulate shoulder blades
    Jugs act as internals and also inserted plastic garden edge pieces in between jugs to give more obstruction and cement block behind that to catch/stop bullet.

    test 1: 100yds
    .264" 123 lapua scenar fired @2865fps

    results: went through first board and all 3 water jugs and hit the last board and bounced back in the jug. most of the lead was recovered and had seperated from jacket.
    Note: first water jug was torn up good and flew about 5 feet away the other jugs were just pierced with small holes.
    Test 2: 100yds
    .264" 140 Amax fired at about 2690fps
    bullet was also recovered in the 3rd jug but did not hit the exit board. almost all of the lead had seperated and was never recovered. Note: the first jug flew about 20 ft. from original posistion and the second one about 8ft, but the 3rd jug remained standing. The Amax did break the front board in two pieces but it was the second bullet fired and was near the first hole.


    Conclusions: inconclusive so far but I was suprised neither went all the way through especially the Amax.