Lapua 300 gn Scenar 338 pills

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  1. Topshot

    Topshot Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2008
    Anyone got any reports on the new 338 calibre, 300 grain Lapua, Scenar projectiles?

    I see them advertised in Australian Shooter Magazine for A$107 per 100.
  2. LouBoyd

    LouBoyd Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2007
    I have two boxes of the 300 gn 338 Lapuas sitting on my loading bench. At first glance they're similar to the Sierra 300. On closer inspection the differences I see are the Lapua has a slightly longer boat tail and the tip changes angle about 3mm from the meplat. The Lapua measures 1.7365" vs 1.7135" for the Sierra. That's just one sample of each randomly selected. I haven't shot either of them. I have two rifles under construction, a 28" 338 RUM 700 and a 32" 338-378 Wby TRG-S.

    For noticablly different ballistics look at the Lehigh 245 grain solids. It's 1.801 long (measured). If the calcuations are correct it will give considerably longer supersonic range and flatter trajectory than the Lapua or Sierra design.

    US prices:
    300 Sierra $0.66 ea (50)
    300 Lapua $0.80 ea (100)
    245 Lehigh $1.20 ea (50)