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    Mar 19, 2006
    when you shoot a new gun to make sure it meets your standards for accuracy do you clean after each shot to take the copper out or do you just shoot to group and then ship? how do you do clean the barrel as you are working up the groups? thanks for your imput.
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    I accuracy test prior to barrel break in. I load up generally 12 rounds of a load what has proven accurate and consistant for me in that chambering, take it out, bore sight it, throw one at paper and then make any scope adjustments to get scope relatively close to zero. Then I will shoot a three shot groups.

    In most cases, that group will prove the rifle is capable if 1/2 moa accuracy. In some cases, it takes a few more shots for the rifle to settle in, mainly the freshly machined barrel and chamber(throat) is the issue.

    I have only had three rifles that needed more shooting then these 12 rounds to prove its ready to ship.

    If the rifle does require more shooting I will clean it after the first 12 shots.

    When the rifle gets to its owner, they are instructed to clean the barrel to bare barrel steel and then perform the barrel break in proceedure.

    There are a couple schools of thought to this. Basically, I believe that a barrel takes a certain number of shots to heat temper, once it does, it is pretty much where it will be as far as barrel break in. as long as the barrel break in is performed with in the first 30 shots or so, I have never seen any difference comparing the break in starting with the first shots out of the rifle compared to doing the barrel break in after you have 12 shots through the bore.

    Now if you shoot the rifle 50 times before starting the barrel break in, the bore will heat temper to some degree and the bore steels ability to clean up from the barrel break in will be reduced.

    Just what I do. More then one way to skin a cat. You may be suprised at Shawns opinion of this topic, I was but it just goes to show you that there are many ways to get a great shooting rifle.

    Something that will not be argued is that cleaning a rifle regularly is your best chance at seeing the full potential of the rifle as far as accuracy and consistancy.

    Kirby Allen(50)

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    After that comment, I am really looking forward to Shawns responce. :D