Killflash - Anti-Reflection Device

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Well I wasn't sure how well this thing would work for what I had in mind. Especially after reading a thread on it form last year sometime. However after trying it under several days of clear bright sunshine and low setting evening sun, I can definately recommend it. Where we hunt, unfortunately, the setting sun sometimes wil kill the better part of a half hour or so, by glaring out our optics, even using the 4" sunshades. It might be crap to some, but it has made all the difference to me so far.

    If you haven't tried one, and you hunt early morning or late evening where the sun or glare from it, has ever not allowed the shot you needed or could have taken, then one of these might help you out.

    I was looking almost srtaight into the setting sun yesterday evening and made a 450+ yd shot on a hog, with no problems what so ever. At the same time my bud was having difficulty seeing it through his binocs due to the glare. Granted I am using a Nightforce, but still if it works half as good on any other brand, the one shot might be the shot of a lifetime.

    Just thought I would give a heads up if you might need something like this, there are several models some fit inside your flip up caps, and some models screw right into the objective end of your scope, or sunshade if you still feel you need it.

    Sunguard ARD

    Midway listing
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    May 2, 2001

    I need one of them! On sunny mornings my main whitetail stand has a killer sunrise in the direction of one of the common spots where I see bucks.

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Thanks so much for this info!