killed my buck with the 125g ULD

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    Jun 4, 2003
    For those interested in the performance of wildcat bullets. I shot my biggest buck to date with the 125g ULD RBBT out of my 25-06 with a MV of 2960fps. The buck was a bruiser whitetail, I have never even seen one this big in Oregon. He will score around 145. Anyways, the buck was headed for the brush right after the first light. I ended up spotting him and he was 436 yards. My chart was about a click off all the way out to 600 yards so I put my scope on 425 yards. There was about a 5mph wind that I DID NOT compensate for. This would later bite me in the butt. The deer stopped broadside for a brief moment as a sent the 125g ULD on its way. There was a loud smack and the sound of a hit. The buck lowered his head and almost hit his nose on the ground, but he kept on trucking. When I shot the first time, he was on top of the hill across the canyon, then he was headed for the draw. He had about 200 yards to go before he hit any brush and he was not going down. I could see that he was hit to far back and I shot another 3 times without hitting him. I was thinking great. The biggest buck I ever see, I'm gonna end up wounding him and losing him. I thought I was gonna cry. Anyways, I made my way across the canyon to where I last seen him go in the brush. I did not find any blood, but I knew I hit him in the guts or flank, so there would not be much blood anyways. I knew this was going to be blind luck finding the buck, for some reason, the lord was on my side that day. I ran up and down that brushy draw and could not find that deer or blood anywhere. Then I decided to cross the draw and roam around that part. Thats when I stopped at the brushline and got a weird feeling. I looked over my left shoulder and there he was. Laying with his head low in some kinda scrub brush. His white throat patch is what actually caught my eye. I then looked right at his eyes, which probly was not a good thing. He did not bolt though. I slowly but quickly brought my 25-06 and finished him from about a truck length away with a neck shot. I was going nuts. I just shot the biggest whitetail I had ever seen. It is a big 4x4 with heavy eyeguards. I have pics of the deer, but need to figure how to post them. I did not however take pics of the internal damage of the bullet. The 1st and only shot to connect was in the flank section. Not exactly gut shot, but not a great shot either. For not hitting any bone though, that 125g ULD did some damage. I dont think a "hunting bullet" would have done any better or worse. I guess in the heat of the moment, I did not even think to put on the windage clicks for the little wind there was. I did not have much time for this buck though. He was hightailing it for the brush. I had about 1 minute after I spotted him to get everything out and ready before he would have been gone forever. I never thought I shaked so bad till my crosshairs were on a trophy buck. All I could think was, "what if I miss". I hope to get a pic of the buck on here as it truly is a nice whitetail, especially for Eastern ORegon where we are known for big muleys, not whitetails.
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    congrats on your kill. I would also like to commend your diligence in looking for him. Far to often people give up to soon. Sometimes, patience is rewarded!! If you don't get the shakes a little, there is no point in hunting!!

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    I dont think a "hunting bullet" would have done any better or worse.

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    Probably much much worse if you had been using a different bullet. The bc of that huge pill compensated for the windage miscalc.

    Great story, and kudos for staying with the "hunt" for your prize! Can't wait to see the pics!
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    Congrats on your success. I have some loaded up and ready for our season in a couple of weeks. Most likly I will be ruining the day for some big bruiser hogs though.
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    Jan 17, 2005
    Good story &amp; I am looking forward to the pictures. Last week
    in Wyoming we took 3 Mule Deer &amp; 6 Antelope with that bullet.
    I don't have the pics yet from my friend's camera &amp; I have
    been waiting for that for my post, but like you I think I
    will go ahead.