keyholing 22-250 @ 25 yards?

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    Dec 26, 2010
    My dad has a new 22-250 we have taken it out a couple of times now. The first time he went bought55gr remington soft points didn't group though it was the ammunition. The next time we used 43gr speertnt. Started are 25 yards first shot keyhole thought maybe tore paper fired another same thing perfect silohete of bullet. The weird thing its not keyholing at 100 yards but was a bad group. If you could call it a group so we went to 55gr sierra. Surprised to see keyholing at 25 but at 100 very good group .625 so we went to 200 .75 and at 300 about one and a half inches. How could it keyhole @25 and get the groups we were getting @ further distances. What the heck is going on? The rifle is Remington 700 26 inch barrel 1 in12 twist varmit contour plan to reload for it but wanna figure this out how can it even hit sideways at 25 yards? The other thing is I had my 22-250 shooting the same ammo no problems mys a1 in14 twist with 24 inch barrel